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The PUL outer is covered in red and white stripes with blue and white stars & STAR SNAPS. The lamination on this PUL is glossy as opposed to matte, this means it will likely have a sticky drag when you stuff it with inserts but works perfectly. This is a pocket diaper. It requires absorbent inserts placed into the pocket to function properly. Order your inserts HERE

Honeybuns are sewn with microfleece inners to allow Baby a stay-dry feeling when wet, and to direct moisture into the absorbent layers you stuff inside each diaper. My diapers are made with just the right amount of snaps for the perfect fit at every stage of growth! I recommend starting with any one absorbent insert of your choice in each diaper. If Baby leaks through the diaper and everything is snapped securely, try adding another insert (i.e. 2 inserts in each diaper, 3 inserts, 4, etc) until Baby can go 3-4 hours without a change. I've often used and recommend Geffen Baby hemp/organic cotton inserts, which I carry in my store here:

Machine wash in warm or hot water. I prefer Tide original powder detergent. Dry on a line or in the dryer on medium or low. Do not use fabric softeners. Do not use irons.

Wet bags are available in my shop to store dirty diapers in while you are out running errands!

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