Insert Fabric Details

We carry 3 different types of inserts to use with our Honeybuns cloth diapers. Below you will find a break down of what these inserts are so you can compare them.

Quick Hemp/Organic Cotton (available in XS/SM and OS): 5 layers of Quick absorbent, very soft 60% Hemp 40% organic cotton Jersey. The added hemp content allows for added strength, absorbency, durability & anti-mildew and anti-microbial properties. Safe against Baby's skin.

Super Hemp/Organic Cotton (available in XS/SM and OS): 5 layers of super absorbent, very soft 60% Hemp 40% organic cotton fleece. The super soft fleece absorbs and quickly wicks moisture away from your baby's skin keeping it dry and rash free. The higher hemp content maximizes absorbency for nighttime or when you need extra absorbency. Safe against Baby's skin.

Microfiber (available in OS): 3 layers of microfiber fabric serged together. Do NOT put against Baby's skin, as it will pull the moisture out and create a rash/raw skin. Always place inside of the diaper's pocket for use.


We recommend using 1-3+ inserts with your diaper, depending on how much your baby wets and how long they are in the diaper.