How to Use a Diaper Liner

Our soft microfleece diaper liners are awesome at catching "toddler poop". They're basically a cloth diaper "hack" to make your life easier. Sounds right up your alley, am I right? We recommend using them once your baby starts eating solids. This is when their poop is no longer water-soluble and must be rinsed off prior to putting in the washing machine. Babies who only drink milk may have their dirty diapers thrown directly into the washing machine (you can totally spray them off anyway if you want to!). You start by get a clean diaper shell and stuffing inserts into the pocket. Then you lay a microfleece liner over the microfleece lining on the inside of the diaper (as pictured). Next, you snap the diaper on your baby! Once it's time to change Baby's diaper it's like Russian Roulette! If it's a pee diaper, just throw the diaper in your wet bag or diaper hamper. If it's a poop diaper - BAM! Time to rinse a diaper in half the time it would take you without a liner. The liners are lightweight, so you can easily pick it up after the diaper is dirtied and plop that poop into the toilet! You can also spray it off easily with a diaper sprayer that attaches to your toilet, or swirl it in the toilet bowl as you flush. Cleaning the poop off of this little liner is much easier than off of the diaper, as the diaper is bigger, has elastic wrinkles to clean out, and gets heavier as the inserts stuffed inside of it get wet while spraying/swirling during the flush. You can throw the liners in the trash after use if you wish, but we recommend washing and reusing. Get liners HERE!