Honeybuns Has a New Look!

Hello! You may have noticed that our shop has undergone a makeover since you've been gone. Here are some things that have changed:
The platform we are now using makes shopping at Honeybuns so much easier for you, no matter the device you are using!
Here are some things to look forward to on the site:
  • Page Loading Time: Lightning, Baby!
  • To Log In: You will need to sign up for an account again using the same email you used with your old Honeybuns account. Doing so will link the new account to your old reward point balance. Your order history was not able to be transferred over.
  • Bulk Discounts: You must be logged into an account to reap the benefits of our bulk discounts. Only one discount may be used within a single transaction (bulk discount, reward points etc). Diapers and inserts both qualify for bulk discounts.
  • Diapers and Inserts can NOT be combined for a bulk discount. Ex: 10 inserts gives you 15% off the inserts. 8 inserts and 2 diapers gives you 10% off the inserts and 10% off the diapers.
  • Reward Points: You must be logged into an account to reap the benefits of our reward points. Only one discount may be used within a single transaction (bulk discount, reward points etc). To claim your old points balance, you will need to sign up for a new account using your email address from your old Honeybuns account.  As soon as you have recreated your account, you will have access to your previous reward point balance. With the new reward point set up, you will still earn points a 10% rate. There are new ways to earn points too, such as sharing us on FB, following us on IG, and the most exciting is for referring a friend to order at HB (possibly more options for earning in the future!)! If you choose to use your reward points instead of the bulk discounts or other discounts for an order, you will need to turn your points into a coupon first. You can turn your points into a coupon by accessing the Reward Points and selecting Spend Your Points.
  • Gift Cards: We still offer gift cards, that are emailed after purchase. 
  • Shipping: We now have USPS calculated shipping for both Domestic and International customers, and FREE SHIPPING on US orders over just $57!
  • Adding a discounted insert to a diaper: It is not possible to have the bulk discounts and have an insert add on at a discounted price, like we did with our old site. So we compromised by increasing the 2-5 bulk discount perk from 5% off to 10%! You will need to visit the Insert section to add the inserts you want to your cart, and then checkout using the bulk discount feature.
  • Grouped diaper listings: You will notice some diapers are grouped together now, such as BasicBuns™. When you enter this product listing, you will be able to select which color and which size in that color you want.
  • Sort by Newest First: By default we have the products set to appear in order of newest first. This will help you find a diaper/wet bag fast when there is a new listing of prints. However, there are other ways to sort should you want to, and the old products that we moved over to the new site are not in order from newest to oldest. New products listed moving forward will be, unless they are added to a group listing like the BasicBuns™.
  • Minor Housework: There are a few areas we haven't finished yet - minor housework we'll be working on as we can get to it. Things like making sure all of the links are working and adding diagrams and pictures.
If you have any questions whatsoever about the new website, please email us for clarification at Help@HoneybunsClothDiapers.com