Fabrics Used on Diapers


Polyester microfleece is used for Honeybuns inner fabric (the soft fabric against Baby's bottom), though many older Honeybuns were sewn with polyester alova suedecloth.

So, what is PUL? Polyurethane Laminate, or PUL, can be said “P-U-L” or “pull”. This laminate-backed cloth diaper fabric was originally developed for the medical community, but it’s softness, flexibility and water-proof qualities make it perfect for cloth diapers. PUL was meant to be autoclaved so it easily tolerates high dryer temperatures and heavy use.

Cotton print with PUL layer: The cotton/velvet/minky outer with a hidden layer of PUL beneath it is great because there are limitless prints to choose from. I can make batik diapers, Star Wars diaper, Rainbow Brite diapers, etc. The downside is that when Baby wets, the wetness wick (will travel around the leg openings on the cotton printed outer diapers and keep traveling into the cotton outer as it is a naturally absorbent material). Now, the inserts absorb most of Baby’s wetness, and the hidden PUL holds most of it inside, but wetness will travel to any area that will absorb it. A helpful tip is to find the right amount of inserts to use for your baby in a cotton, and/or place an absorbent natural fiber (like the hemp/organic cotton inserts we carry) insert between the diaper inner and Baby’s bottom to give the urine somewhere to go immediately, instead of having to travel through the inner. We call this a booster. Always use natural fiber inserts for this task, never microfiber.


PUL print: The PUL cloth diapers are laminated directly to the back of the print, so they do not get wet on the outside (unless the diaper is not change often enough). This makes them a superior fabric for cloth diapers, but you do not get nearly as many print varieties.


Here are some customer testimonials on cotton outer Honeybuns versus PUL outer Honeybuns:

Rachel Lakose: We love our cotton outers for their looks--in fact, many of my cottons are among my top 10 favorite Honeybuns in my HB exclusive stash. We have some made of sheets from our childhood that give us a fond nostalgia--Disney princesses, Rainbow Brite, TMNT, Strawberry Shortcake, even Hello Kitty. We also have a treasure trove of wrap scrap diapers, which I love because of their looks and the symbolism of our own personal babywearing journey. That said, we save them for special use because unlike PUL, they do tend to wick, I know the colors will fade regular use, and I'm scared to death of staining them. We use them for family get-togethers or when we go out. We use our PUL HB for daycare and regular days at home (unless we're feeling fancy).

Kitty Fraire: I love what cotton outers we have. We use those during the day when changes are handled more frequently. And they are in our regular rotation. PUL are perfect for nighttime. My kiddos wet a lot overnight so it is easier and better to have them in PUL. They wake up dry and can get their little buns in a cotton outer when they wake up if they choose.

Erin Sue: We love our cottons! The look, the feel, and the nostalgia of the prints. We use them mainly at home because they wick, or during the summer months. We take extra care of them because we want them to last. As long as they are stuffed correctly they last us just as well as the PUL honeybuns prints.

Tayler Renee LeVell: I only have two cottons but they are faves!!! I never have leaks, EVER. In fact they hold my sons pee in very well! I am so bummed i missed out when they were being sold on the site but i am glad to snag one when i can. i am still wishing for Simba or anything lion king. Lol

Stephanie Ellis: Love love love cotton outers! They are so soft and unique. I prefer cotton over pul and I own more cotton than pul in my large honeybuns stash!! They are my favorite!

Michelle Cosby: I adore my cotton outers and try to take care of them a bit better because I know they can fade. They have a softer, more snuggly feel to them. My son plays with those while I am changing him, so we end up using those first and the normal PUL last. We have star wars, robots, two christmas cottons, and another cotton that I can not name. ( it has a kangaroo with the letter A and other cute animals)

Johanna Michelle: I have two cottons and they are two of my favorites. I don't use then often bc I want them to last! I have found it harder to get a good fit on the legs with them, the pul seems easier to adjust. Might just be the weird fit stage LO is in though!

Ashley Mulryan: I love my cottons! I don't have wicking issues unless it's kept on longer than usual. I use my cottons in my regular rotation. I like PUL for nighttime (mainly because I like showing the cottons off) I have used cottons successfully at night though!

JM Rollins: My cottons are what I consider my "dog and pony show" diapers. They are novelties. Cottons I have bought in the past have been purely for aesthetic value. I mean who wouldn't want a little Mermaid or Rainbow Brite diaper? It adds a little of my childhood onto my child's. They have always been babied here because the color doesn't stand the test of time like PUL. But for the nostalgia alone, they are worth it!

Erica Laundrie: I love my cottons. I have more cottons outlets than pul, but I don't use them as often because I know there won't be regular stockings and I can't really afford auctions, so I need my cottons to last. But if there were regular stockings of the cotton, I would pay more for the cute prints and buy them more than pul. Cottons are my favorite!!!!!!

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