Are Newborn Cloth Diapers Worth the Investment?


You will not regret purchasing newborn Honeybuns!

Oftentimes I hear people talk about how disappointed they were in their non-Honeybuns newborn diapers. They didn't fit good, they leaked, they were bulky, and they were outgrown way too fast!

Honeybuns newborn diapers exceed where other cloth diaper brands fall short. They have a trim fit and they fit much longer thanks to the snap options and foldover tab.

Kaitlyn Silvestri Ellis says, "Buying XS diapers allowed me to cloth diaper from day one. When my daughter was born she was 6lb 15oz (pictured on the left), so the OS diapers didn't fit her well till around 7 months when she hit that 12lb mark. I'd definitely say getting the tiny diapers is essential! I mean look at how perfectly that diaper fits and doesn't mess with her healing bellybutton?"


Cassie LaKose says, "With our first cloth baby, I rented newborn diapers and had a collection of OS Honeybuns. I waited what seemed like FOREVER for my little guy to fit into OS. He was 4 months old and we still struggled with gaping. I *thought* I was saving money and getting the most bang for buck buying only OS. Silliness. We are on cloth baby #2 and I had an XS and SM stash of HBs collected before she was born. The smalls were a little too big at birth (8#s 2oz) but she quickly grew into them. She's 3 months old now and I still prefer the xs because they are slimmer. However, she can wear all 3 sizes. And guess what? HBs have great resale value. So don't pass up the little sizes!"

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