Cloth Diaper Liners: Save time and Sanity.

Cloth Diaper Liners: Save time and Sanity.

Have you ever felt like giving up on cloth diapers, just because of the mess your toddler can make in one? Yeah, me too.

We've been using these microfleece liners on our 2 year old's diapers for a while now. They are so much easier to clean than the inside fabric of the diaper itself. You don't have to worry about soaking all of the inserts and getting the crevices of the diapers where the elastics bunch up. Most poops are contained on this easy to lift little rectangle of fabric! Just lift it up and shake it or spray it off. It's amazing and simple.

These liners can also be used as a barrier when you are forced to use a diaper cream that is not safe for your cloth diapers. Just place one of these liners next to Baby's bottom before you apply the cream, and then toss it when you change Baby's diaper. Wash diaper separately if unsafe diaper rash cream is used. The oils can transfer by contact and in the water, and won't wash out if the water isn't hot enough, not enough detergent is used or detergent isn't strong enough.

You can get them in packs of 5 or 10, and they come in random color stacks. You may get a set of yellow, blue, pink, brown, etc. It's completely random when you order. 

Check them out HERE!

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